Elevate your inspection process with a mobile-optimized, task-specific, and compliant solution

Muster's Inspection View provides vehicle inspection stations with a powerful and versatile tool to streamline the inspection process while ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. Our mobile-optimized interface offers custom inspection checklists, device integrations, and task-specific screens to make the inspection process seamless and easy for your team.

Mobile-Optimized Inspection Interface

Muster's Inspection View is designed to work flawlessly on consumer-level smartphones, enabling your inspectors to conduct inspections on-the-go with ease. The responsive interface ensures a smooth experience, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Muster's Inspection Functionality

Streamline your inspection process

Our Inspection View provides separate, optimized screens for recording brake, emission, and OBD values. These task-specific screens help inspectors focus on individual tasks, increasing precision and reducing errors.

Custom Condition Inspection Products

Create your own inspection lists with custom certificates, allowing for unlimited opportunities to expand your services and cater to specific client requirements.

Automatic Fault Detection

Muster's Inspection View automatically suggests the correct fault code whenever a recorded value falls outside the acceptable range, streamlining the fault identification process and ensuring accurate assessments.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Muster's Inspection View is locally compliant, adhering to industry standards and guidelines. We collaborate with authorities to maintain up-to-date, regulation-compliant software.

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Device Integrations

Muster's Inspection View seamlessly integrates with measurement devices such as OBD testers (ICON and CDP+) and the Opus 40 emission tester. These integrations minimize manual data entry, speed up the inspection process, and improve data accuracy.

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Autocom ICON

Bosch OBD